Review Blaster pulls in your positive reviews from the internet and highlights them in your Top Finder business profile

The new “word of mouth” comes by way of reviews

It used to be that you would talk to a friend, family member or someone else about a service or product, but now “word of mouth” comes in the form of online reviews and social sharing.

If you have enough negative reviews or just one negative review that sounds truthful and accurate it will destroy your sales. On the other hand, if you have positive reviews, especially a lot of them, it has a positive impact on your sales.

The Solution is to highlight your Positive Reviews.


Pulls in your positive reviews


It continuously searches the internet for your positive reviews and pulls them into your Top Finder profile.


Review Blaster is set up to rotate your reviews so that your newest reviews are highlighted.


Protect your reputation with a system that proactively catches and filters negative customer reviews.

Monitors your reviews


Review Blaster receives notifications when your customer leaves a review on the Web.


Because you can see your positive reviews in your Top Finder profile, you know to respond to them.


Now that you're aware of new reviews, you can set up your own reporting system to track customer reviews.

Amplifies the voice of your positive customers


We stream your latest positive reviews on your Top Finder profile to show fresh social proof.


Share your positive customer reviews as compelling and automated social media content.


We only showcase your positive customer reviews on Top Finder profile.


Only included in the Diamond Plan

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