Get preferred list placement with our premium plan - Gold Partner

What You Get

As a “Top Finder Certified” Gold Partner, you get premium placement on our Top Lice Services List. It’s a recognition of trust when people to see you’re a “certified business” on the Top Finder Marketplace Engine.

You receive all the great benefits of an enhanced “Gold Partner” profile, which include:

Premium Placement:
Maximum Leads

  • You get premium list placement.
  • You get full access to Top Finder Marketplace Engine for acquiring leads and new customers.
  • You get the Top Finder certified “seal”, which is a trusted recognition that visitors have confidence in.
  • You get recommended to local schools, churches and other groups through our email marketing.
  • You get recommended through our Facebook ad campaigns and other marketing channels.

Businesses listed in the top fold (before scrolling) of the page get an average of:

  • 93% more views than all other listings
  • 71% more clicks than all other listings

Specialized Online Marketing

  • Email Marketing: 1 campaign per year
  • Top Finder Recommendation List: 1 per year
  • We recommend you to local schools, churches and other  groups through our marketing.

Top Finder Marketplace Engine is a marketing system specially designed for lice service businesses.

We run multiple Email and Facebook marketing campaigns every month, targeting local schools, churches and other organizations. 

Some of which include links back to Top Finder profiles, materials to print out and our Top 5 Recommendations List.

  • These features are only for Gold Partners
  • Top Finder Certification Seal
  • Premium list placement
  • Placement for 2 cities
  • Placement for 2 service categories
  • Email marketing
  • Certification badge to add to your web pages
  • Photos
  • Full profile with description
  • Phone number – clickable for mobile phones
  • Address – clickable to Google maps
  • Website link

Enhanced Profile Features

As a Gold Partner, you have full access to enhanced features in your profile.

Benefits of Certification:

Our goal is to have you stand out as the most credible professional in the area.

We have established credibility and trust with your audience.

By creating a certification process we let prospects know we have vetted you and show you as a “Certified” lice business.

Certified businesses get more introductions because of the additional benefits that come with your profile, including badging & trust symbols that make you stand out from other businesses.

Start Connecting With People That Need Lice Services Using The Top Finder Marketplace Engine.

Top Finder Marketplace Engine is designed for quick connectivity.

People in your area that are desperately seeking a lice service can instantly call you from your Top Finder business profile with one click on their mobile phone.

Your “Top Finder Certified” business profile gives credibility with those seeking a lice service they can trust.