Top Finder History

Top Finder was launched with the intent of quickly connecting lice service businesses with people that are desperately seeking help with getting rid of head lice.

Top Finder Marketplace Engine is our system specially designed for lice service businesses. It is simple and highly effective marketing for lice service businesses.

In our market research we discovered 4 significant issues parents were facing concerning their children getting lice:


1.  There is a stigma with having lice which causes embarrassment.

2.  There is uncertainty of the best way to treat the lice infestation.

3.  There is a hesitancy to go to a lice services professional because of the lack of trust. This lack of trust stems from the perception of the many lice services that seem unprofessional for one reason or another.

4.  There is no significant resource that is consistently getting in front of parents, schools, churches and other groups that tells them where to go and who to trust to handle their lice problem.

The growing head lice epidemic, the need to educate people about head lice and the need to quickly connect people with lice services is what birthed the plan to create the Top Finder Marketplace Engine.

With a background in Internet Marketing and SEO, the Founders discovered the best approach to solve this problem was to create a Marketplace Engine that provides a comprehensive Directory of Trusted Lice Services in local markets across the country and specialized online marketing for lice removal businesses.

Top Finder headquarters is based in San Diego

Top Finder Mission: Quick Customer to Business Connectivity

Parents are in a hurry to find lice services! Top Finder’s mission is to promote lice service businesses in local regions and to quickly connect customers with them.

Top Finder is positioned in all the major cities in the United States to connect customers with businesses. We are the largest Lice Services Directory in the United States and the only one of its kind. We are more than just a directory, we are a Marketplace Engine that offers so much more.

We want to see lice business owners prosper.

Top Finder Marketplace Engine

Top Finder Marketplace Engine is not a directory, it’s much more. It is a marketing engine. Read about Marketplace Engine.

We drive connectivity between customer and lice business through various channels, like directory listings, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, reviews and more.

We get in front of local schools, churches and other organizations to promote Top Finder and the lice businesses listed in our Marketplace Engine.


We Do the Marketing Work for You

Top Finder performs its own Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization in order to acquire top search ranking and recognition in local markets. Your business reaps the benefit of our work.

  • We save you money on marketing and SEO.
  • We make you money by connecting you with customers.
  • We save you frustration that comes with doing your own marketing in the ever-changing internet world.

Here’s How We Make It Happen

#1 Internet Marketing

- Perform internet marketing in local regions across the Country

- Marketing campaigns that target parents, schools, churches, etc

- Educate people about head lice

#2 Search Engine Optimization

- Acquire top ranking in Google search for local regions

#3 Top Finder Marketplace Engine

- Provide lists of top lice services for local regions

- Provide information about local lice treatment business

#4 Trusted Lice Treatment Businesses

- Build trust between business and customer

- Provide vetting process that qualifies lice treatment businesses for the customer 

- Provide certification

#5 Easy Customer Connectivity at Top Finder

- Provide dynamic connectivity between business and customer

- Click to call, Click to map, Click to website

#6 Remarketing

- Email campaigns

- Getting customer reviews

- Getting referrals

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